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After completing her jewellery making training in Manchester, Avril Manderson has spent the last decade making silver and gold jewellery commissions from children's drawings. Handmade jewelry by Serendipity is artful and goes perfectly with classic elegant clothing for the ultimate glamour look. All of my designs are handmade using guaranteed sterling silver so no two items are exactly the same. A wide range of jewellery and other gifts are available to suit all tastes, and pictures from several children can be seamlessly worked into one piece of jewellery. The sterling silver bracelets by Serendipity add perfectly to your finger jewelry and accessories. Crowded Silver stocks everything from rings and earrings to necklaces and silver bracelets in a range of styles that are sure to appeal to modern women across Australia. Becker first began to design jewellery in the mid-1980s by obtaining used items from thrift stores and antique shops, tearing them down and reconstructing the components to form personal jewellery for his wife. It's the place to make that piece of silver jewelry that you've been dreaming about!

We want you to be delighted with your jewellery so have a hassle free returns policy. All our jewellery is made by hand in Sterling Silver and we also offer gold plated versions. This is not an accident - modern scientists have proved that silver actually has a bactericidal action, and is able to normalize blood pressure. Alchemelia - Utterly stunning handmade silver jewellery, which incorporates streaks of red gold to dramatic and visually appealing effect. Right now I have over 30 different styles of handmade chain in stock, not including the varying wire types and wire sizes of those 30 styles. For more information about our handmade wedding rings (see Wedding Jewellery) or handmade silver jewellery contact Natalie Holt. Everything is in stock unless otherwise indicated and the website is updated regularly with the very latest contemporary handmade silver jewellery and accessories available. You can track your delivery on line and you will have your new jewellery within 2-5 days.

Our silver jewellery carries the assay mark of Edinburgh Assay Office as your assurance that your purchase is guaranteed to be 925 sterling silver. Ravenstonz was one of the few hand selected by the Falkland Stewardship to design and create to unique handmade pieces of jewellery from eco friendly recycled materials to promote greener living. Lizzie's attention to detail ensures that each piece of jewellery will be a timeless classic - cherished and worn for years to come. The softly formed organic jewellery collection includes handmade gold and silver wedding rings, handmade silver necklaces and handmade silver earrings. A trip to an ancient Mayan site opened a pathway for him to follow through with his jewellery.

Quality is important which is why my work is hallmarked by The London Assay Office in accordance with the hallmarking act. Our jewellery pieces are personally selected so you are purchasing carefully handcrafted items made by jewellery artisans across the globe. We take pride in only selling the highest quality solid precious metal Silver so that you can buy with confidence. After the casting, the jewellery are rough and dull, so they need to be renovated, which means removing traces of the casting, and that they are grinded and polished on the surface.

If you get stuck and can't make a decision on what silver jewellery to buy , Crowded Silver has come to the rescue and offers a range of gift vouchers from as low as $50! And if you're not happy with your piece of sterling silver jewellery, return it in its original condition within 14 days and you can receive a full refund - no questions asked. Have been and purchased in the store also; friendly staff, great service and gorgeous jewellery with amazing promotions! Try the art of silver smithing with our half day course and create a piece of silver jewelry of your own design, in just three hours! In our silver jewelry collections, you can find hundreds brooches, rings, bracelets and pendants.

So don't delay - browse through the selection available on Australia's preferred silver jewellery store online and buy quality silver jewellery that you will enjoy wearing every day. The most sophisticated piece of sterling silver jewelry by Serendipity at PASAR is the handmade finger cuffs. In The Silverpot jewellery store in Nicosia you will find a rich selection of the highest standard handmade silver jewellery. Even so, the modern design of the sterling silver rings and bracelets make them a great upgrade for casual streetwear styles too. Our handmade silver and gold jewellery pieces come on a variety of chains, carefully selected to show the design at its best. His one of a kind creations are sold both wholesale and retail from his two store locations in central Ubud.

You really cannot go wrong when you buy from one of Australia's premier silver jewellery stores online, Crowded Silver. No matter if it's the minimalistic silver ring and bracelet styles, or the collection´s statement pieces, they all come with a modern beauty and elegant simplicity. Handmade sterling silver jewellery Your silver will stay as beautiful and precious as the day you received it. Storing your silver jewellery in a clear plastic bag and buffing occasionally with a 100% cotton cloth will keep your item looking gorgeous. Each Vanessa Plana piece of jewellery comes beautifully gift-wrapped free of charge, and we ship to customers all over the world. A pair of silver glasses will be an excellent gift or a luxury ornament for your home. Many of our pieces are handmade in small quantities by skilled artisans, but if you want to be truly unique, perhaps we can help inspire you! Go on a mission with Serendipity and explore their contemporary silver bracelets and rings at PASAR!

Doodly Sketch Video App Software By Jimmy Kim Review The First And Only Doodle Video

Doodly is a new simple to use desktop software (for both PC and Mac) to easily and quickly create Doodle Style” (Hand Drawing / Sketch) videos. Export video files inmp4 with varying resolution (360p-1080p), Frames Per Second (24-60) and Quality (Low: 62% - Max 100%). The best way to see what Easy Sketch Pro is capable of is to watch a couple of whiteboard animation videos created using the software. A completely pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks video sales letter formula where you literally just fill in the blanks to create powerful VSL\'s for your Doodly videos. However the first thing that you should consider is the price of Powtoon in comparison to Doodly. Actually, I saw the hand drawing video somewhere but dont get a right phrase to Google it and use draw text animation movie” until i saw your site in the result page. Videomakerfx is known as one of the best video creation software's as it makes it so easy creating professional videos like the pros. While this looks like more of promoting whiteboard animation software 😉 I bet there are a lot of people who would be benefited by this post.

All available software to create doodle and whiteboard animation videos have no built in text to speech functionality. Whether it be on the internet, on television, or on a smart device, everyone comes into contact with some type of video in their daily lives. By this, the Doodly team implies that the computer animation appears a lot more 'realistic' i.e. a lot more like a real human is doing the illustration. The first, though very different from the current style, were the UPS Whiteboard Commercials. However, in practice, these additional features are unlikely to be of great value to most users who are using whiteboard animation on an occasional basis in their businesses. I particularly was pretty amused by your comment there is no such thing as a cheap whiteboard animator”.

Easy Sketch Pro is another best whiteboard animation and doodle video maker for those Who have low budget and cannot afford monthly or yearly subscription packages. Just wanna say thanks for sharing - software is great and there is so much you can do with it.

No one can brush off VideoScribe while compiling the list of best and available programs to create doodle, scribe and whiteboard animation videos. Other features include built-in transitions, annotations, green screen, callouts, close captioning, and audio and video filters. Whatever the reason, you want your audience to watch as much of your video as possible, ideally from start to finish. It supports video backgrounds or video thumbnails, and lots of premium features.

However, Doodly is not alone in accepting the more common JPG and PNG image formats. Whenever someone uses term video scribing, whiteboard animation or doodle animation, The very first name which comes to mind is Sparkol Videoscribe. There are many exist on the market as an option as well as VideoScribe lacks several features that the Explaindio Video Creator and other available whiteboard or doodle animation makers offer. This scribe and whiteboard animation software is designed for users of Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. It offers a low-cost alternative to employing graphic artists or renting high-ticket software to create whiteboard animation. Once you've finished creating your video slides you can then choose an audio track or upload your own using the Importer. Bonus #4: Whitelabel License to Video Affiliate Pro Video Affiliate Pro is WP plugin that lets your turn your videos into affiliate traffic machine.

As well as putting Easy Sketch Pro under the microscope, I also compare it with the principal alternatives for whiteboard animation . The tutorial with the package was great - It helped me understand all that was involved and the end result video was simply awesome! Tech-friendly - It's 2016 and it's IMPORTANT that the Doodly passes the ‘mom test'. Whiteboard animation videos are known by many other names including ‘sketch videos', ‘doodle videos', ‘video scribing' or ‘explainer videos'. The software has quite clearly been designed for speed and quality with internet marketers in mind. Keep in mind, this video was done with the voiceover directly into the software (we'll talk about that in a minute), as well as images we purchased that were not included in the software (also discussed below). Whiteboard animation has probably been around in a big way for a couple of years now.

Corporate Photography Tips

You're in the middle of planning your big extravaganza, a wedding, or graduation party. Not only does this cover you in the event your camera fails for some reason, but it will make life much easier on your if you can have one camera with your telephoto and one with your wide angle. Your in-camera flash is not sufficient for event photography and you do not want to be shooting direct flash, because it will create nasty shadows and really ugly skin tones. The event planner should direct the MC that after the awards have been presented to line up quickly for a photo (not behind the podium!).

Awesome event pictures have the potential to expand a brand's reach in a massive way and with little monetary investment which is invaluable to clients. Make sure we have an event schedule in hand, then we know the important moments are coming up! The Pentax K-x is currently the best bang for your buck entry level DSLR can you get your beginner's hands on. The ISO (light sensitivity) performance is better than its bigger brother: the K-7. You can obtain interesting photos if you capture the way that light travels on the stage. Pack Light: You are journalist” (sort of), and you need to be able to move quickly from location to location. For flash photography, I always use Manual” mode and use shutter speeds between 1/50 to 1/200, depending on how much ambient light I want to let in. Aperture varies between f/2.8 and f/5.6.

Naturally, in addition to your photography website, you're going to market yourself with social media and all the other online marketing channels. You need to find out if you are dealing with plenty of ambient light during the day, or with very minimal light indoors/at night. So, with that in mind, here are my top tips for making the most of social media and event photography. Candid audience or crowd shots are nice here and there, but a good rule of thumb is that once plates go down and people are eating, keep the camera pointed away from the tables and onto the stage and shoot conservatively. All event photographers can tell you about the frantic When am I going to get the photos?” emails and calls they've received.

A contract is going to protect you not only in a legal sense (money, liability, etc) but it is very helpful in preventing issues down the road when the client says you were supposed to provide x, y & z. wedding photo booth Client creep” is common in all areas of photography and your contract is the only means of defending yourself.

In the past I've also used the Sigma SD10 and SD14, which are possibly the most difficult to work with in these conditions but nevertheless, the techniques remain the same. Brent Mail is an award winning photographer that has a class on this website and he will teach you the basics of photography in 120 minutes or less. While close, intimate shots from a wide lens look awesome, the people who are paying, or are invited to the event aren't there to look at the back of their head. Catch someone's eye, lift your camera and give a nod as if to ask if you can take their photo.

I've been a professional corporate event photographer for three and a half years now and have learned that there are three ways I get photo jobs. Using a wide angle lens like this for action shots during the main event or a wedding reception will produce photos that give the viewer the feeling that they are there immersed in the surrounding of the photograph. Every corporate event that I have ever photographed always has someone speaking at some point and in many cases there is a keynote speaker or even several keynote speakers for larger venues. Research the photographers in your area and choose a top-notch vendor to really capture the event. There are two approaches I've used to tackle this - the first is leaving the camera in auto white balance (AWB) mode.
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