10 Simple Steps For Technical SEO

So you've just launched your brand-new website, and you're anxious for new customers to start rolling in, or want to make sure your existing customers can still find you online. All those loopholes and black-hat methods were not only throw to the side, but they also received huge punishments including loss of ranking and even being banned from Google — ouch. I like that Elegant Themes do all these interesting blog posts but I do sometimes wonder if they have thought them through first as they often recommend things that their own themes don't do or don't do easily.

Writing posts on whatever comes to mind and then creating new categories to support your posts will lead to a messy user experience and a disconnected blog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRDgeDcH024 As a result, when creating new blog posts or web pages, it pays to add links to other content you've created previously — if it's relevant. Experts offer tips on the current state of SEO and how you can use it to maximize your investment in content in 2016. I'd like to believe that certain best practices really are timeless, or at the very least, that some best practices have a few more years left in them.

Google Analytics provides great training resources if you're interested in learning how to navigate analytics yourself, or let our SEO Experts dive into the nitty-gritty details by signing up for one of our SEO packages. URL Rating (UR) is a metric that measures the authority of an individual page based on its backlink profile. Specify the canonical URL in the HTTP header of the product page for an item on sale. The goal of these post is to help you build an SEO foundation and point you in the right direction for further study. Unfortunately, Google has stopped delivering a lot of the information about what people are searching for to analytics providers. SEO success is all about giving useful and relevant content to your target audience, in a way that's easily digestible for them.

When your site has the URL with the same information like your neighbor does, Google struggles to determine which one should be displayed, so neither site performs well in the end. When multiple competing websites begin ranking for the same keyword, Google first looks at the inbound links each website has. Imagine even more discontent when Google ranks your blog lower because your links are all jacked up. Unfortunately, optimizing your images probably won't help your content to rank better in the organic search results. Download the free blog SEO best practices checklist so you can make sure your blog is well-suited to have awesome organic traffic—absolutely free. You just need to dedicate a portion of your time learning the basic SEO strategies, and another portion of your time writing great content, and a third portion of your time promoting that great content online.

Keywords are still an important part of SEO because they help to define what they heck you're writing about. The directory structure for your pages helps both people and search engines understand and navigate your content. AMP designs are a great start as in a recent Google conference, a Google rep stated AMP designs will have a ton of leverage in the mobile SERPs. That's where ALT tags come in. ALT tags are not visible to users, but give a 160 character description to Google, which will allow Google to index the photo so it shows up in image search results. SEO is a broad term used to define any kind of optimization efforts toward your website that result in increased visibility in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Visitors can access old articles on topics that may interest them, or at least skim posts while browsing and engaging on your site. Now this doesn't tend to be a problem with the bigger search engines out there, like Google or Bing.

However, social sharing is increasingly a factor for video SEO because it sends positive signals to search engines about the popularity of the page. One of the early key innovations of Google was PageRank - which is built on the idea that links to a web page are like votes for the importance of that page. As we near the end of 2015, it's important to consider which elements of your SEO campaign will be relevant throughout 2016 and which ones might expire or change in unfamiliar ways. Either use your own SEO tool or open an incognito window and search for your term. That way you will preserve the page's authority and increase your chances of ranking on Google. Essentially, Google will look to how visitors (for social sharing) and other websites send signals about your website to determine if it's a trustworthy source of information. I am in this predicament myself but don't know enough about SEO to come up with the answer.

Headings - aim to include important keywords in Headings (h1, h2, etc.) so that your pages have clear structure and hierarchy, as well as letting users know right off the bat what they can expect to gain from this page of your website. There is still speculation that Google may someday use authorship and the authority of an author in its ranking algorithm.

Either way, you'll get the maximum possible value out of your old content, while still maintaining the SEO integrity of your site. In order to verify whether the keywords are truly ranking #1 or #2, as the SEMrush tool indicates, let's do a quick Google search for blogs that make money,” which you believe to be in the #2 position currently. A helpful guideline for articles and blog posts is to include three to four internal links per every 1,500 words. Below are the key structural elements to a blog and how you can make sure that you're optimizing each for the most successful SEO results. Good information architecture, website structure and internal link architecture are critical to rank new product pages well. He says that in order to be successful at SEO you need to be clear about who your target customer is, who influences them and what channels you need to use to reach them.
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